Iranconnector is a team of well-networked and experienced trade experts with offices in Berlin and Tehran that provide consulting services to European and Iranian companies in order to accelerate a secure and professional trade connection and facilitate the investment of European companies in Iran’s growing market in the post-sanctions era.

Our main mission is to connect European companies to their Iranian counterparts. Our services range from simple one-time inquiries to contracts that can last for a long time as our client’s business grows with new demands. Iranconnector provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Networking with Other Business Resources
  • Linking with Trade Partners
  • Organization of Personalized Economic Tours to Iran
  • Market Research Support
  • Regulatory and Licensing Issues
  • Finding and Introducing Agents and Distributors
  • Linking with Trustworthy and Experienced Local Law Firms
  • Connecting to Professional Local Translators and Interpreters

Iranconnector receives applications from companies that need our consulting service. Your primary contact will suggest the best fit for your need and budget and coordinate accordingly. In the next phase your company will get the expertise to address the issues it is facing.

Are you an investment company looking for business opportunities in Iran? Do you want to connect to businesses in need of foreign investors? We have the necessary tools and capabilities to connect you to your ideal customers in Iran.

Are you a European exporter of industrial products looking for markets and partners in Iran? Do you desire a safe entry into Iran’s market? We can connect you to your ideal partners and assist you to thrive in Iran’s changing marketplace.

Would you like to import a particular product from Iran? Do you lack the necessary means to find the exporters? We have a successful team that can connect you to the various producers and exporters of your desired product in Iran.